CLAMP art exhibition to be held in Kyoto

As part of the "Kyoto International Manga Anime Fair 2013", a CLAMP art exhibition to be held in Kyoto has been decided. The exhibition will run from September 6 to 8 at the Kyoto Computer Gakuin, in Kyoto.


Original illustrations from Magic Knight Rayearth, Card Captor Sakura, Tsubasa, GATE 7 and XXXHOLiC Rei will be on display, as well as the illustrations that CLAMP did for the Card Captor Sakura mobile game and the serialized novel, Haken Anime!.

There will also be screenings of the anime adaptations of
Magic Knight Rayearth and Card Captor Sakura with special guests such as Naomi Tamura, Sakura Tange, Kumai Motoko and Junko Iwao.

Admission fees: 900 yens for advanced purchases; 1000 yens on the days of the event.

Below is a very decent version of the new illustration that CLAMP did for the "Kyoto International Manga Anime Fair 2013":


Click to enlarge it.

Source: comic natalie.

Very nice tip if you're in Kyoto around that time ;) I hope there will be pictures of this.

XXXHOLiC Rei #1 to come with "Shunmuki" Blu-ray (Updated)

The latest chapter of XXXHOLiC Rei announced that the first volume of the series will have a limited edition that will come with the original animation of "XXXHOLiC Shunmuki" in Blu-ray format. The animation was originally released in 2009 in DVD (OAD).


Image source: clampProject.

XXXHOLiC Rei #1 will be released on October 23rd. You can watch the trailer of the first part of "XXXHOLiC Shunmuki" here.

More details as they come! I hope CLAMP gets to draw a new cover art =)

Update: Kodansha's XXXHOLiC portal site has more information about the release.

Apart from the remastered version of "XXXHOLiC Shunmuki", the Blu-ray will also come with the the first episode of the XXXHOLiC TV Drama. A special postcard will be included as well. This limited edition will go on sale for 5,250 yens.

GATE 7 special chapter to be published in "Jump Live"

It's been announced that CLAMP will draw a special chapter of GATE 7 that will be published in digital magazine Jump Live, a new online spin-off magazine of Shonen Jump.

GATE 7's appearance in the magazine is listed to take place in the future, you can see it listed in the magazine's upcoming line-up here and here.

This could mean that the relationship between CLAMP and Shueisha hasn't been compromised and the reason why GATE 7 is currently on hiatus may lay on different, yet unknown issues.

More information as they come!

Thanks revolution_d1 for letting me know about this! ;)

CLAMP draws special ticket and Clear File for Kyoto International Manga Museum

CLAMP has drawn the art for a special limited ticket to the Kyoto International Manga Museum that will be sold exclusively at this year's Comiket (August 10~12). The same illustration will be used for a Clear File that will be sold only at Comiket:

Ticket sample.
Clear File sample.

So nice!

CLAMP is representing Kyoto for this year's edition of the Kyoto International Manga Anime Fair. As previously reported, CLAMP made an illustration that was on exhibit at Paris' Japan Expo earlier this month.

For more information:

XXXHOLiC Rei #1 out in October

According to the latest chapter of XXXHOLiC Rei, the first volume will be released in October.

This clears the doubt of whether the counting would be restarted or not. Yes, XXXHOLiC Rei will have its own counting starting at volume 1.

We all kind of expected that, anyway.

GATE 7 on indefinite hiatus?

This month both GATE 7 and Drug & Drop are on a break, and while this doesn't seem strange for Drug & Drop (since the last chapter was published last month), it certainly seems strange for GATE 7.

GATE 7 has been on a break since March and the last chapter that was published was an omake (not an actual chapter).

If you check GATE 7's information on the "CLAMP camera" app, it says that the series is currently on hiatus:


But strangely enough, if you check CLOVER or X's information, it doesn't say they are on Hiatus. GATE 7 is the only work with that information.

Additionally, the introductory text about CLAMP on the app states that XXXHOLiC and Drug & Drop are the only two active series that CLAMP are working on:

To make things even more suspicious, the official twitter account of CLAMP is no longer following Shueisha or JUMP SQ's twitter accounts. On the other hand, GATE 7 is still listed as on the series being published in JUMP SQ:

Just earlier this week, both Ohkawa and Nekoi went to Kyoto on a business trip, which I believed was for taking more pictures and doing some more location hunt for GATE 7, but I am unsure if that was indeed the real purpose of their trip now.

There hasn't been any official announcements from either CLAMP or Shueisha concerning GATE 7's status. The last chapter published in March informed that a new chapter would be published two issues later, but it's been postponed indefinitely since.

A lot of people were worried, specially all the GATE 7 fans out there, so I made this post in order to shine some light on this matter.

I will keep you posted should anything new come up about GATE 7's situation, but for the time being, it looks like GATE 7 won't be appearing in JUMP SQ.

CLAMP CLASSIC COLLECTION Boxes + new Kobato. art

Not much happening these days, huh?

Thanks for everybody who checks this livejournal daily in the hope to see CLAMP news, because we have some today!

As you may or may not remember, last year Kadokawa re-released some of CLAMP's classic titles under a series called CLAMP CLASSIC COLLECTION. For those who purchased all volumes, special boxes to store all volumes featuring new CLAMP illustrations were given as a bonus.

Even though the last volume of the series came out in November of 2012, only now the boxes have been sent out to the people who earned them.

Here are a few pictures from the 3 exclusive boxes, featuring 3 brand new drawings by CLAMP (click on the picture to enlarge it):

I was starting to think these boxes would never see the light of the day! I'm glad to see them -- and the new drawings!

There is also a new Kobato. illustration!

CLAMP made this drawing as a gift for Kana Hanazawa’s (Kobato’s seiyuu) first concert. It is part of the contents of the concert's special pamphlet.


CLAMP-NET.COM re-opens in May!

Did you all enjoy this year's amazing April Fools joke elaborated by CLAMP? That sure was fun!

Some kind soul from tumblr translated all of yesterday's Twitter activity from CLAMP's official account, where details from this parallel story set in a business office were revealed. Check it out here. Some of them are really amusing!

And since it's no longer April 1st in Japan, CLAMP-NET.COM no longer shows the special page that was available for the occasion. Instead, it now shows a "coming soon" image revealing that the website will be officially open in May!

Yes! Can't wait! =)

My guess is that they hired a new company to be in charge of their website and mobile services (the 404 pages look different than they used to look! xD), hence why the site had to be taken down temporarily.

Also I wonder if they really did create a company called ShigatsuTsuitachi CO., LTD?

CLAMP launches Shigatsu Tsuitachi CO.,LTD (April Fools'?)

CLAMP's official website, CLAMP-NET.COM, has been relaunched to celebrate April 1st.

The website now mimics the behaviour of a company website named Shigatsu Tsuitachi CO.,LTD, with CLAMP's characters as employees of that "company". "Shigatsu Tsuitachi" means April 1st in Japanese.

The "company" is supposedly recruiting employers for 2014, apparently only people who were born on April 1st are allowed.

The website is offering a wallpaper featuring the same illustration used in the homapage and a tumbler template featuring the company's mascot, April Dog.

CLAMP's Official Twitter account has been redesign as well to follow the website's new look.

It all looks like a April Fools' joke, and everything might be taken down on April 2nd, so make sure to grab the extras quickly before they are taken down ;)

I hope the "real" CLAMP-NET.COM will be launched on April 2nd, or maybe new information will be added progressively to this site? Either way, CLAMP certainly presented us with a real treat of an illustration.

HAPPY CLAMP DAY in advance! =)