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(much) Bigger AX Coverage

First I have to apologize for the people who commented on my previous post. Yes, I double posted @_@ and when I went to delete one of them, the stupid here ended up deleting the wrong one @____@ I'm so sorry about that, but I read all of your comments (Yes, I'm very happy for Shin Shunkaden as well ! ^^) and thank you for commenting *bows*

Now, on to today's post...

So, Koala-san is back from his duties at Anime Expo and he brought with him a LOT of juicy material, just as expected ^^

Again just as expected, he changed the question he would had to ask at the Press Conference. Instead of the one regarding the reason of why CLAMP can't release their works directly into tankohon format (the winning question), he asked the one about CLAMP's eye "fetish" (2nd place).

I asked him to write a report in order to explain why and also to reveal some of his impressions at the convention:

Hi there!
I'm the responsible one to tell you about the winning question and it’s answer.
But before that, i would like to write my impressions of the two panels.
(sorry for my weird english XD)

Focus panel
Well... it began almost an hour late. At first i started hating it, because they said that probably the press panel would be canceled because of the lateness. (thanks God it wasn't).
Then the voice actor for the english dub of some animes came and said a few jokes to entertain us meanwhile they come out... it wasn't easy for her, we were like 5 o 6 thousand people wanting to see Clamp as scheduled.
And there was the moment they entered the stage and I was all nervous, happy, almost wanting to cry, I had to bite my hand to calm myself... and somehow it worked XD

Well, Ohkawa spoke most of the time. At first they showed us their Studio, like the video in You Tube posted days ago, but in a PowerPoint version and with them speaking.
It was so cool hear them speaking so naturally, like they were talking to a close friend. Ex. "Well... these are my pens –next photo- Igarashi’s working place... isn't it a mess? Look at it, dunno how she works in there." (really it wasn't that messy, my bedroom gets a lot more messy once in a while XDD)

And then, when the presentation ended, the voice actor came again and say that they had a little few time, so they will only make 10 selected questions from the 3478568735678932842384523495734095793245734 submitted to the AX page.

To tell you the truth, I'm happy with only 2 or 3 of them... the others... I'm sure they could pick up better ones. They were things that we already know, although it was nice hearing them by clamp themselves.
They asked about Kobato re-release even when the voice actor said it all about it before they came in. That was a really really waste of good answers.
The best ones here were "How long does it take to do...", "the japanese butterfly symbolism" and... the kuro fye one because of the reaction that caused in the audience.
When they asked if Kuro and Fye could be an actual pairing, Ohkawa got blushed. She was so red that the other 3 were laughing so hard, dunno the reason: could be the blushing or the fact that they were being asked that. They'll admit it someday! I know!
From the others ... well they were boring technicals or old questions. The "why syaoran" was good because we hear that tsubasa will end in happy ending. (I'm really looking forward to that... from the latest happenings... i doesn't seem to be so happy. But we'll see, they always make miracles.)

The press panel
This one was a bit more interesting. They appeared in time and the staff said that we could take photos. So that made my day. It was all flash madness in the room. The 4 were all nervous with so much flashes. You could saw it in their faces. Poor things.
They were a round of technical and marketings question that was getting the thing quite boring. Even Clamp themselves started to answer short and disinterested. At that time they almost answered the question I'd to ask. They asked about compilations one time... another time they asked about Sunday GX... and so on. And from all of them, they said that they were busy with tsubasa, xxxholic and now kobato... and there's something about X we didn't understand, so I'll not comment about it until we can find someone who understood it well.

So... *hides from the killer fans* I changed the question to a more interesting one, that was in fact, the second place question.
They were talking in something like a boring tone... talking for the second time about how to publish and how they met and all the things they already said before... When the eye question came, Ohkawa popped out, they talked a bit lively again, like in the first ones. Ohkawa really put interest in it. Even Igarashi and Mokona laughed and went like "whoa!" when Ohkawa stood still in silence for planning the very good answer that they gave to us.

Question: In most of CLAMP's work/stories there's always a one-eyed character, and I'd like to know why CLAMP frequently uses these characters in your work.

Ohkawa Ageha: In the stories, the one-eyed character or the characters who's a psychic with one-eye...I think that I'm trying to visually show that there can be a very big traumatic experience/feeling and I'm basically trying to show the feeling of being lonely. From the stories there's always some events or something that comes in later that supplements that vision. On a little different note, my right eye, the vision is not very good so maybe it's just a personal thing that I can relate to such events personally.

Indeed you can check at the audio (see bellow) that Ohkawa sounded very taken aback by his question, like she wasn't expecting it at all. I'm okay with the changing, the answer was more interesting than I expected, I hope nobody have problems with that. I still apologize for those who voted on the 1st question.

By the way, here you can find Anime News Network's report on CLAMP's passage at AX. It's slightly better than Advanced Media Network's one.
Thanks to everybody who let me know about it !


Lots of good photos ! I divided them in 3 groups.

1st batch - Koala-san's camera.
File size: 3.77 MB

This contains a total of 13 pictures taken by Koala-san. They are very big, but Koala-san apologizes for the quality, he did his best with his non-professional digital camera.

- Download.

2nd batch - Advanced Media Network's camera.
File size: 375 Kb

9 pictures provided by Advanced Media Network, taken by their own press representative. They are small, but good in quality. I took the liberty to edit/treat the images because the original ones were SO DARK !

- Download.

3rd batch - Anime Expo's camera.
File size: 15.6 MB

The BEST batch *_____* This one is precious ! Of course, since they were taken by AX's official press. Contains 19 EXCELLENT pictures in resolution and quality. They are all HIGH RES (they are H-U-G-E!) and in perfect quality ! You can see a LOT of skin and every little detail *-*
Who provided this blessed piece? Koala-san, of course ^___^

- Download.


Wait, there's more ! XD

CLAMP Press Conference:

Koala-san kindly agreed to share with you all, the audio that he recorded at the press conference ! *_____* The quality is very good for a non-professional recording (and you have to consider that the room was full of people). You can easily understand everything if you are reading the transcript while listening to it.

Size: 68 MB
Format: MP3

- Download (right-click -> Save Target As...).

*phew* I think that's it ^^"

I would like to thank Koala-san, again, because I already thanked him like a billion times xD But no words can express how grateful I am.

First, he abdicated the opportunity of asking his own question and instead, let us all decide it by a contest. Then he did what he promised and asked, not the winning one, but the second-best question for reasons he explained himself. Provided all the pictures he managed to take and also the official ones which only press members had access to. As if all that wasn't enough, he shared the recording of the conference.

This partnership only gave me good results, you don't know how happy I am. But unfortunately, all I can do at the moment is to thank you. So thank you very much, Koala-san ^___^
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