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CLAMP @ AX 2006 - Fan Panel

First we had a transcription of the Press Conference, and now we have a deeper look of the fan's panel where around 5000 people attended.

I'm making this basing on two sites, this japanese one and this livejournal of user hoshisenshi, who did a very deep and detailed report, in which I shall make some quotes here.

Please notice that any kind of recording was forbidden, which means these reports were made using the memory of their authors, only. So the way the sentences are written might differ from what it was originally said, but the meaning is the same.

Of the 1000+ questions people submitted online, they narrowed them down to these ones:

Q: Are you going to continue with Kobato?
Ohkawa: Yes, the serialization will restart in Newtype by the Autumn.

Damn AX for losing a question for not being up-to-date >_>

Q: How much time is spent in the production of each chapter (20 pages)?
Ohkawa: The script takes 8 hours to be written, 12 hours to draw the storyboard and 2 days for the actual pages to be finished. However, when it comes to X, it takes 4 days to draw the pages.

This one is my favorite one of the whole lot. Thank you whoever submitted it (in fact, I kinda submitted one similar to this one O.o), I always wanted to know these numbers *-* So 4 days to draw 20 pages of X? Interesting...

Q: Do you write the story as you are serializing it or has it been decided since the beginning?
Ohkawa: The scripts are written one chapters at a time, but the end is decided from the start. Therefore, the end of Tsubasa and XXXHOLiC has already been decided.

Nothing that we didn't know already......

Q: Why did you pick Syaoran as the main character of Tsubasa?
Ohkawa: Picking Syaoran was very natural because, usually, CLAMP's works don't have a very happy ending, and he came from a work that had a happy ending. Syaoran will have to go through a hard-time to get his happy ending in Tsubasa.

Nothing new about Syaoran. However, in my opinion, I think she means Tsubasa WILL have a happy ending, even though it won't be easy for Syaoran to have it.

Q: Many of your works share the same world and are linked to each other, can you tell us more about it?
Ohkawa: For all our works except our fantasy works, everything occurs all in one universe. In the case of our fantasy worlds, we wanted a way to link these
worlds, and that is where Yuuko comes in in XXXHOLiC.

I guess X is among these fantasy works...

Q: How is decided who's gonna take charge of scripting, storyboarding, drawing, toning, etc?
Ohkawa: It depends on the work. But the plot and script is always done by me. And in the case of XXXHOLiC, Mokona is often in charge of drawing the females while Nekoi is in charge of drawing the males.

Nothing new, just confirmed what I thought about XXXHOLiC.

Q: Which was the manga you had more fun while doing it?
Ohkawa: Many of our early manga ended tragically with characters dead, so I think Card Captor Sakura was a fun production.
Igarashi: Well, while we're making manga, there's always deadlines to meet, so usually it's not until after that we like the work. But I think I had the most fun while working on Duklyon.
Nekoi: I think I enjoyed working on Duklyon the most as well.
Mokona: And unanimously, I agree on Duklyon as the most fun work we've done.

I can tell how they must had enjoyed themselves while making Duklyon XDDD

Q: Do you ever get so frustrated with a picture that you just crumple it and start from scratch?
Mokona: An artwork usually is never thrown away completely. Because I do a pencil drawing first, then ink it and color it, I can fix any errors in the pencil stage.
Igarashi: Nekoi likes to doodle a lot and throw away the papers, but we sometimes un-crumple them and submit them on our site.

LOL ! Though Mokona should doodle more often XD

Q: In TRC is there a theme of black and white, or yin and yang, or opposites attract with Kurogane and Fye? Is there a possibility of this pairing becoming official? (fans cheer)
Ohkawa: [laughs] Does the cheering mean there's a desire for this pairing? [laughs] Well, we made Syaoran the main character and he's still developing and maturing, so we wanted him to have adult companions. Kurogane is the one who is seen as 'black' and Fye as 'white.' Kurogane lives up to his name and likes to wear mostly black, and he is more straightforward, while Fye is more mysterious and represents white. And right now in the more recent Japanese chapter, Fye is in a tough spot...

They shall never confess it XDDD

Q: Where do you get inspiration for your stories/characters?
Igarashi: Deadlines are the best inspiration. (And this got a big cheer from the audience. XD) So it seems everyone has experienced this.

She answered the same thing, I think, in the press conference. Satsuki really hates deadlines XD

Q: Why has the artwork for your more recent works like TRC and XXXHOLiC become thinner and taller? (Which is still beautiful by the way.)
Ohkawa: Thank you, first of all. The style for XXXHOLiC was meant to be similar to the traditional Japanese ukiyo-e paintings, which are tall and thin, and because it crosses over with TRC, TRC had to have the same style.

LOVED the explanation ! Learn more about ukiyo-e paintings and notice the similarities.

Q: How did you all decide that you wanted to be manga-ka?
Ohkawa: Everyone excluding me was classmates in high school, and I was introduced through a mutual friend. We then got together to make doujinshi and we were discovered by various publishers.

Another old question...

Q: Why is Yuuko's symbol the butterfly?
Ohkawa: (explains about how it's based on Japanese symbolism and legends).

That's it ! Again I'd like to point out that many parts of the interview were quoted from hoshisenshi's report, while others I typed myself.

Now the only thing left is to wait for the pictures *waits*...

But before leaving, I'd like to say my congratulations to my dear, funny and amazing translator friend, iamsocool12345-Jamie-chan ^___^ *glomps* Happy Anniversary ! I wish you much happiness !
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