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Transcript of CLAMP Press Conference at AX

Here !

Thanks to everybody of my flist for letting me know about it *-*

Gouhou Drug coming back, the total number of volumes for X, their eye-fetish, it's all there...

Some of the questions that participated in our contest were there, like the eye one and the Live-Action one. I wonder if Koala-san managed to ask his question? O.o It's not in the transcript. Or I wonder if he changed it... will talk to him later.


On a little different note, my right eye, the vision is not very good so maybe it’s just a personal thing that I can relate to such events personally.

Aha ! Now everything makes sense xDDDD Curious fact, isn't it?

Ohkawa Ageha: Live-action? Maybe it would be Chobits. I think within ourselves, we’re most interested in seeing that as a live-action. If Chobits were going to be live-action–made into live-action for the U.S. I would have strong preferences for the actresses.

Chobits, then? That would be fun... specially if it's for the US. And I particularly loved to know that Ohkawa would have "strong preferences" for the actresses, means that they would be as involved as any other anime adaptation of their works. WB, Fox, Universal Pictures please see this !! XDDD

Question: Our viewers and readers have been asking about Legal Drug. What’s going on?

Ohkawa Ageha: No problem there. We will be resuming it in the near future.

This made my day ! BEST news ever *-* And she was precise in her answer, so I guess there really is no problem with it, anymore.

Since Tsubasa is linked to xxxHolic that dictates that Tsubasa and xxxHolic have similar proportions for the characters. It’s not that our characters get thinner and longer.

This proves for once and for all that CLAMP do not plan on keeping the same style, obviously.

Question: Regarding Kobato. Why did you guys change from the SundayGeneX to Newtype and then remove the story again? How will you work with Kobato?

Ohkawa Ageha: SundayGenX is where it will be serialized. For this particular piece it start with SundayGenX and they had specified a number of chapters in the series so we fulfilled that requirement and when it was decided to be restarted we went to a different magazine, Newtype.

I guess there's a typo here, since it says Kobato will be serialized in Sunday GX, which we know is not true.
So it was supposed to be those 7 chapters at first to see how things would turn out, then I think the GX editors decided that CLAMP should restart the manga and then they moved to Newtype? Maybe they'll have better conditions at Newtype?

Question: My chief-editor and I have been wondering for a long time when X will be finished and how many volumes are left?

Ohkawa Ageha: For X with the various things going on in Japanese society and everything, it’s unclear how fast we will work on it. In terms of numbers of volumes though it will match the number of tarot cards. For the U.S. publications the exact number of volumes may slightly differ due to the number of pages involved but for the Japanese-edition there will be twenty-one volumes.

Bah, unfortunately nothing new regarding X, unlike Gouhou Drug. But one thing we know for sure now: X will have 21 volumes in total. Which means that we still have 2 volumes and a half of story, YAY ! I really thought it would be 20 in total and the last card would come in a new version of the Infinity Artbook. But I guess the last card will also come in the tanks.
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