Chibi Yuuto (chibiyuuto) wrote,
Chibi Yuuto

Breaking: New "Tsubasa" series to begin in August

Breaking news for Tsubasa fans!

It's been announced that a new "Tsubasa" series will begin on August 20th in Kodansha's monthly Magazine SPECIAL.


The series will be linked to the currently ongoing XXXHOLiC Rei series.

Special thanks to Newsmangajapon for letting me know!

I have mixed feelings about this. I am sure the community will be more than happy to see this news, but I wish CLAMP would just move on. The least I can do I hope we will now get all the answers that we didn't get in the first place.
Tags: tsubasa manga
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WHAT?!!! @__@

I mean, I'm happy, I totally am, but what are Clamp planning to do exactly...?
xxxholic's plot has been advancing...slowly...and I was definitely expecting a link to TRC to appear at some point soon in the story since Watanuki has been growing some sort of awareness of who he is, but I didn't think there would be a new TRC series as a whole, or is it only a one chapter thing, a "special"? Or are we talking volumes here?
The kanjis clearly say "series". So yup, a series is on the way and not just a special chapter.

The magazine is only called "Special".

I can only assume they knew this would happen? That's why they left all those 'plotholes'?


3 years ago


3 years ago

Why can't they just finish what they have already started???
And I'm not talking about X or Clover, where is Gate 7????
And I hate Tsubasa... Really didn't want it to be back :-(
I don't hate Tsubasa but it's been too much already. I just hope this will be a much shorter series and that they get it over with (answering all the remaining questions) once and for all.


3 years ago

Feels more like publisher ploy to try and market CLAMP again since they haven't been that popular recently with Gohou Drug (I mean Drug & Drop) and Gate 7. I sincerely hope they won't abandon Gohou Drug though *cries* I'm dying to see their ending, with Rikuou and Kazahaya together if possible :p *fangirls hope*
I wonder if they already knew this would happen or if it was decided recently. I hope it's the former and not the latter =/ because that would suck.

I'm a mixture between happy and worried. I do want to read more Tsubasa, but lately CLAMP seem to be working on their series chaoticly, so I'm worried it won't be the same (x_x) (Well, it's not going to be the same anyway if Sakura is not with them, but this is a new chance for them to find her and then everyone can be happy adasd)

I think for now happiness is going to win over uneasiness <3

Thank you for bringing such great news!
I too wish they would move on. CLAMP has been weird lately indeed. They all moved to Kyoto and their production has decreased greatly.

Maybe they were taking some time off before this "big" series started? I have no idea if this was already planned or not...

You're welcome! Good to see you're still around =)

Deleted comment

At the very least, it goes up with X/1999 and Clover. Legal Drug did eventually get back off the hiatus shelf as Drug & Drop, which I should read I guess.
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Douglas Clemente

June 16 2014, 13:28:24 UTC 3 years ago Edited:  June 16 2014, 13:45:06 UTC

: O ~~~~~~~~

Does that mean we'll get to see what happened to Seishirou and the vampires?

I'm astonished right now!
Of course they should :D ! ... It's part of the plot holes left on TRC .

It's curious that clamp always leave us wondering what is happening with Subaru and Seishiro ... They have kept us on the edge of their relationship since Tokyo Babylon XD
I'm just glad that there's more Fye! <3
Cool! The Adventures of the Three Amigos XD (plus one - Mokona)
OMG these news are so awesome/weird I had to login to my livejournal account after many years hahaha. Now i definitely have to catch up with xxxHolic Rei. Thank you chibiyuuto for the news
Well... I'm defenetly having mixed feelings too.. I mean, I love TCR, it is one of my fav mangas ever.. but I kinda wish CLAMP would have continue other of their incomplete series instead.. Like X or Gate7 or Clover...
Honestly I can't say I'm happy.
For start I would have preferred CLAMP to focus on the series they left ongoing (X, Gate 7, Drug and Drops) instead than go back to xxxHOLiC (despite the fact I adore it) and TRC.
TRC is particularly scary for me because the previous TRC was a complete disappointment. Sure, I would love if the new TRC were to fix the holes of the previous and show us more of the vampires and the hunters but there's no insurance it'll do. I'll try to think positive and hope this onw will explain the amazing high amount of thing the previous one left untold but so far I'm not pleased by what feels like having CLAMP recycle HOLiC and TRC, both already finished, while at the same time neglecting completely other stories.
Exactly! They keep starting up new projects that are, quite frankly, just shadows of the quality of many of their older works! They continuously start new stories, then drop them and completely leave them behind for ages, and even years! Why not just FINISH what you started before venturing on to new projects?

Wrap up every story before starting new ones! And this would be beneficial for both the fan and CLAMP themselves. The fans would see the completion of the story without waiting ages and years for a resolution, and CLAMP would not have to constantly go back and forth between projects, instead focusing on one project per time.

The quality would be higher for their series and they wouldn't keep coming off so flighty.


3 years ago

I wish Tsubasa (Princess Sakura) would make some appearance in this new series =D
Just a fleet reunion is enough for me~
I'm just happy.

I can see how people were disappointed with Tsubasa at points, but Tsubasa has always been my favorite series.
I also really miss reading a CLAMP work...I couldn't really get into Gate 7 and xxxHolic, as everyone has noted, is quite slow....not to mention I never was a huge fan of xxxHolic in the first place. I was always jealous on Tsubasa's behalf that it kept getting series renewals. xD

I'm looking forward to it.
Gate 7 is hard to get into, but I thought CLAMP were finally getting into stride with volume 4. Naturally, it gets put on hiatus as a result.
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