Chibi Yuuto (chibiyuuto) wrote,
Chibi Yuuto

BLOOD-C #2, more

RAW version available here | Subbed version by Underwater fansubs available here (I was waiting for their release to make the post).

Impressions (spoilers ahead):

- Seriously, Ohkawa, almost an entire episode about cute songs and food? BORINGGGG! Give me some PLOT!

- That cafe dude Fumito looks suspicious...

- The Motoe twins are adorable! They're my favorite characters so far =)

- Their school uniform doesn't match the school or the city at all. I mean, the uniform is very dark, with chains and dark colors, while the town looks bright and so peaceful... it looks rather off (why would such a school have such a uniform?)

- The town where the story takes place is weird, there is only one establishment for each thing and like they said, it looks abandoned. The fact that they mention that sort of thing makes it looks very suspicious, as if it's a relevant information (otherwise there would be no need to mention it). It's as if the town doesn't exist for real...

- Bizarre creatures: SO unappealing. I wonder if the "C" in BLOOD-C stands for Creatures? Where are the vampires? O.o

• GATE 7:

CLAMP drew a new GATE 7 illustration for a poster that came with the debut issue of Shueisha's semi-annual magazine JUMP SQ. LaB that went on sale on July 15:

Image source: comic natalie.

I am getting strong X vibes from it! Loving all the belts!


Kodansha has finally announced a release date for XXXHOLiC's post card book. It was first slated for May, but a release date was never announced until now. The book will be called XXXHOLiC POST CARD BOOK and will be released on September 6. Price is still undecided.

An artbook for XXXHOLiC is also slated to be released soon but there's no release date yet.
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