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CLAMP NEWS !! + Happy Birthday Nanase Ohkawa! (Updated)

- Next scheduled chapters (red means new):

04/21 - Jump SQ #05 & #06- Chapter 3 (on sale).
06/04 - Jump SQ #07 - Chapter 4 - Color page(s).
07/04 - Jump SQ #08 - Chapter 5.

For those still confused about what happened to the Mangettes project, MTV has a very interesting and revealing interview with Dark Horse Director of Asian Licensing, Michael Gombos.

- Next scheduled chapters (red means new):

04/10 - Newtype #05 - Drop. 23-D (on sale).
05/10 - Newtype #06 - Drop. 24.
06/10 - Newtype #07 - Drop. 25.

• Charity:

The Card Captor Sakura Blythe doll designed by CLAMP last year will be put up for charity at website Crown Jewel from the period of June 1st to 15th. All funds will be given to Japan's Red Cross to help the victims of the Touhouku Earthquake and Tsunami.

• Card Captor Sakura:

Bandai Visual launched a hotsite for the release of the Card Captor Sakura movies in Blu-Ray. Somebody please correct that banner at the bottom of the page, it says CLMAP Official Website! XD

On other news, today is the birthday of CLAMP member Nanase Ohkawa (my favorite CLAMP member ♥)! She's turning 44 today.

Here's wishing all the best to her! ♥

They all had dinner at Ohkawa's house to celebrate.

This time Nekoi hasn't made any drawings =/

Update: a little late but Nekoi posted the drawing! =D

As usual I am impressed by Nekoi's skills to draw CLAMP members xD
Tags: card captor sakura, charity,, gate 7, kobato, nanase ohkawa

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