Chibi Yuuto (chibiyuuto) wrote,
Chibi Yuuto

XXXHOLiC climax not yet

Although the cover of the next Bessatsu Shonen Magazine was posted in the magazine's official blog with the information that the XXXHOLiC manga series would be reaching its climax, the cover's final version was edited and the text regarding XXXHOLiC's climax was changed:

The text now reads "An unexpected development!" instead of the former "Finally the climax!".

This edited cover is the official version that will be available for purchase once the magazine is formally released on the 9th.

This puts in doubt whether XXXHOLiC is really coming to an end or not. We're back to where we were before regarding XXXHOLiC: the series is still on with no horizon for an ending.

This sudden change is, however, in my point of view, very strange... stay tuned for more information about the future of XXXHOLiC's series!
Tags: news, xxxholic

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