Chibi Yuuto (chibiyuuto) wrote,
Chibi Yuuto

Gate 7 first picture !!! has the cover of CLAMP's upcoming new manga, Mangettes: Gate 7!

Although Amazon reports it'll be released in 2010, the release date remains being August, 2009 (got this confirmed by Dark Horse itself).

Major thanks to clamp_now for pointing this out!


First official art!!!!!!! XD

My impressions! It looks SO XXXHOLiC! I'm not sure if that's a good thing. Sure, I love XXXHOLiC's unique style, but I wanted something new? However, it's just one picture, I'm sure it has its own singularities. But it looks very XXXHOLiC, the patterns and the lotus flower, etc.

The girl, Hana! I thought she would be older, the summary said she was a high-schooler but I expected someone like Arashi, but it's fine! I thought she would have dark hair so that I was right about! And her hair is as long as Kobato's, nice! Maybe the lotus flowers are because of her name, that means flower.

The creature! Is it a little calf? If that's so, that's new in CLAMP! It looks so cute xD It's the creature that helps her when she's in the dream world.

The logo! I don't like the typography at first, looks simple to me O.o And what are those symbols? Is that japanese?

The art! Definitely Mokona. At least the girl, the creature might be Nekoi as usual.

Very very much looking forward to this! What do you think? ^^
Tags: gate 7, news

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