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X and Gouhou Drug status

No, they aren't back just yet.

This post is dedicated to everyone seeking for some information about the current state of these works who have been on a hiatus since 2003.

I took the liberty to e-mail Kadokawa inquiring them about X and Gouhou Drug, and here's their answer:

Thank you for having supporter our company's publications.

As you indicated, the series "X" and "Gouhou Drug" have not been published since 2003. We have periodically discussed the resumption of their serialization with the authors.

However, because they are currently working on so many series, the authors have expressed that their intent is to wait until their schedules become more flexible before planning the resumption of the serializations. It will still be a while before the series can recommence.

There is also the question of what magazine to publish them in.
We apologize for making you wait, but please bear with us for a while longer.
Translation thanks to usomitai-san ^^


When I sent the e-mail, I wasn't expecting a specific date, I don't think they reveal that sort of information by e-mail, I'm sure that when it happens, we'll know from official announcements in magazines or official websites. However, I wanted to hear straight from the publisher if the negotiations are in course (yes, I'm that skeptical xD) Besides, requesting information about these works may help resuming them faster as Kadokawa will know there are some demand for them.

So we know they have been discussing it with CLAMP regularly, and that they need to finish their on-going works before resuming publication, and there's also a magazine issue being discussed. Knowing that, I am planning on sending another e-mail to Kadokawa as soon as Tsubasa and XXXHOLiC are finished, in case nothing official is announced until then.

Next March it'll be 6 years since the last chapter of X was published, and here's a little time-line of what happened since.
  • X

March, 2003
Last chapter published in Asuka magazine.

July, 2004
In interview to Puff magazine:
Ohkawa: "The situation right now is that, due to the graphic nature of our planned ending, getting it published in a magazine is very difficult. (...) We will continue to search for solutions and hold discussions with our publisher, so I hope that you will grant us a little more time yet."

March, 2005
At a Talk Show held in CLAMP Su exhibition:
Igarashi: "We know you are worried that X is on hold, but because we are trying hard on other projects, please support us."
Ohkawa: "We'll definitely carry X on to the end, so please wait a bit longer."

April, 2005
In interview to CLAMP No Kiseki #9
Ohkawa: "(...) we definitely want to see it through to the end, and we want to see it serialized again as soon as possible."

December, 2005
X Infinity artbook is released.

March, 2006
In visit to Taipei, China:
Ohkawa: "(...) we want to finish the work, but serializing it is difficult, so we are still looking for a suitable magazine to serialize it till the end."

July, 2006
At AnimeExpo, USA:
Ohkawa: "[the number of volumes] will match the number of tarot cards. (...) for the Japanese edition there will be twenty one volumes."

September, 2006
Release of CLAMP Newtype〈PLATINUM〉, it came with a B5 sized appendix entitled X 18.5, featuring the 5 chapters that were published in Asuka before the hiatus.
  • Gouhou Drug

July, 2003
Last chapter published in Asuka magazine.

June, 2005
In interview to CLAMP No Kiseki #10:
Ohkawa: "The magazine it originally ran in, Shoujo Teikoku (Shoujo Empire), stopped being published. When we heard the news, we decided to get at least three volumes out, so we asked Asuka to temporarily give it shelter. But then renewing with Asuka became fairly difficult... at any rate, we would like to find a magazine that would pick it up for us, and continue it soon. We've only told 1/5 of the planned story."

July, 2006
At AnimeExpo, USA:
Ohkawa: "No problem there. We will be resuming it in the near future." [When asked what was going on with Gouhou Drug]

January, 2008
At CLAMP's Radio Show:
When asked about her new year's ambitions, Nekoi replied "I want to draw Gouhou Drug".

(In Gouhou Drug's case, I'm not even mentioning Nekoi's many entries about her desire to resume Gouhou Drug).

Looking back at all these statements, it became even clearer to me that CLAMP really wants to finish these works. The only problems that are preventing CLAMP from releasing further chapters is lack of proper time and a suitable magazine to run them in. I think the time issue will be solved after Tsubasa and XXXHOLiC are finished. Even if they'll be drawing 80 pages monthly for Gate 7 and 14 pages for Kobato., I think they can manage at least one more manga (maybe even two), specially if Mokona takes charge of the main drawing of Gate 7, that will leave Nekoi with more free time to draw Gouhou Drug.

Anyway, here's hoping (always) that these series will be picked up soon!
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