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Due to the New Year's holiday, CLAMP-NET.COM's update was done today. It caught me by surprise, really, they usually do this on the 28, not on the 26!

- Next scheduled chapters (red means new):

12/10 - Newtype #01 - Drop. 11 - Beginning of tankoubon 4, 1 color page (on sale).
01/10 - Newtype #02 - Drop. 12.
02/10 - Newtype #03 - Drop. 13.

Nothing changes for Kobato.'s schedule.

- Next scheduled chapters (red means new):

12/24 - Shonen Magazine #04 & #05 - Chapter 208 (on sale).
01/07 - Shonen Magazine #06 - No Tsubasa scheduled.
01/14 - Shonen Magazine #07 - Chapter 209.
01/21 - Shonen Magazine #08 - Chapter 210 - Last chapter of tankoubon 26.

And we should have a nice cliffhanger there on Chapter 210.

• OAD:

Maaya Sakamoto's official website has a track-by-track preview for her upcoming new album Kazeyomi, and it's possible to hear a little of SONIC BOOM, Tsubasa Shunraiki's Opening Theme.

Thanks to everyone who let me know about it! ^^

- Next scheduled chapters (red means new):

12/22 - Young Magazine #04 & #05 - No XXXHOLiC scheduled (on sale).
01/05 - Young Magazine #06 & #07 - No XXXHOLiC scheduled.
01/19 - Young Magazine #08 - Chapter 172.
01/26 - Young Magazine #09 - Chapter 173.

• OAD:

The Opening and Ending themes for the XXXHOLiC OADs have been decided!

The Opening Theme will be Suga Shikao's sofa, from his latest FUNKAHOLiC album. You can listen to a preview of the track in this link (scroll down until you see the song title and press PLAY).

The Ending Theme will be performed by AZU, with the song CHERISH from her AZ ONE album. Check the song's PV on YouTube.

As you can see, both songs were already released in full albums and there will be no new single releases for them.

XXXHOLiC Shunmuki Part 1 comes out with XXXHOLiC #14, on February 17.

Indeed I was wondering if Suga Shikao could release another new single having released his last album so recently. I'm glad we are going to have him again in the OADs, even with an "old" song. It's a nice ballad. As for CHERISH, I didn't catch my attention.
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