Chibi Yuuto (chibiyuuto) wrote,
Chibi Yuuto

EXCLUSIVE: Kobato. TV Anime announced !!!

From the preview of the next Newtype cover comes the official announcement: Kobato. will be made into a TV anime !!!

That's all information available at the moment.

I thought it was a music video but who cares? That's excellent news!!! XDD

I know it feels like we don't have enough material for a TV series, but we don't know when it's going to premiere (isn't next Spring too soon?). Apart from that, you all remember CCS and how its many original episodes contributed a lot for its success, maybe the same thing could happen with Kobato.?

For now I'm just very excited about it xD

More information as they come!

A HUGE thanks to radiomacrossing for telling me about this!
Tags: kobato, kobato tv anime, news, newtype
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