Chibi Yuuto (chibiyuuto) wrote,
Chibi Yuuto

Maihime/Utakata No Ki cover

Yomiuri Online has a bigger version of the cover of Mori Ougai's Maihime/Utakata No Ki pocket edition, which was drawn by CLAMP and released last month.

Click to enlarge it.

Since we had only seen a very small sample of the cover, I was under the impression that Nekoi could have drawn it, but now you can clearly see it's Mokona. I really like when CLAMP draws for a novel, it's a chance to see new styles of their art, this one is so gorgeous, reminds me a bit of CLOVER.

CLAMP also drew the cover for Sanshou Dayuu/Takasebune/Abe Ichizoku's pocket edition, but so far I couldn't find a bigger version of it Bigger version thanks to Vache ^__^

If you find more pictures of these please let me know! xD
Tags: collaboration, featuring clamp, news
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