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- Next scheduled chapters (red means new):

04/10 - Newtype #05 - Drop. 7 - Information about Kobato. #2 (on sale).
05/10 - Newtype #06 - Drop. 8 - Attachment: Kobato. clear file. Kobato. mini-bag application service.
06/10 - Newtype #07 - No Kobato. scheduled.

Here we have the first break for Kobato. in 8 months. Sad.

- Next scheduled chapters (red means new):

04/16 - Shonen Magazine #20 - No Tsubasa scheduled (on sale).
04/23 - Shonen Magazine #21 & 22 - Chapter 188.
05/07 - Shonen Magazine #23 - Chapter 189.
05/14 - Shonen Magazine #24 - Chapter 190.

3 chapters straightly on the way. Good!

- Next scheduled chapters (red means new):

04/14 - Young Magazine #20 - Chapter 155 (on sale).
04/21 - Young Magazine #21 - Chapter 156.
04/28 - Young Magazine #22 & 23 - Chapter 157 - Last chapter of tankoubon 13.
05/12 - Young Magazine #24 - No XXXHOLiC scheduled.

I think for the first time we might have a XXXHOLiC tankoubon composed by 13 chapters. The number of pages per chapter in this volume were fewer so they might add an extra chapter. According to my previous counts, Chapter 156 should have been the last chapter for volume 13, but I'm not so sure anymore, specially since there are no breaks between that chapter and the following, and no mentions of color pages either. We'll see.

• DVD:

As posted here previously, the first DVD of XXXHOLiC◆Kei will be released on June 25 and will come with an original Drama CD written by Nanase Ohkawa and a booklet with the Drama's script. This version won't be a limited edition, meaning all copies will be carried with the Drama CD. There will be a limited first edition, though, that will come with a postcard.

From volume 2 and on, there will be a limited edition with a Drama CD as well for each volume, this time no longer written by Nanase Ohkawa. Postcards aren't scheduled either. Volume 3 will come with a box to hold all 7 volumes with illustration drawn by CLAMP.

I heard that every Drama CD will be centered in a character. The first one will be centered in Yuuko, then Watanuki, Maru & Moro, Shizuka & Haruka, Soel & Larg, among others. Please wait for a confirmation.

Those who purchase all 7 volumes will be presented with a special binder to hold all booklets and a WEB Radio Special CD.


A permanent exhibition (that is, with no scheduled date to end) of CLAMP's original drawings is being held since April 8 at the Masuda Manga Museum. The exposition features a colored illustration of Card Captor Sakura and two black & white illustrations of Chobits and X.

They donated/sold their illustrations for a permanent exhibition? Cool!

• CLAMP in 3-D LAND:

Here's a bigger picture of the 6th Series' package:

Gorgeous! Akira looks so shy in the corner X3 Umi looks as pretty as always yeah you guessed it, makes me wanna marry her.

CLAMP in 3-D LAND 6th Series is currently on sale.
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