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Foreshadowing news at Sakura-Con?

Sakura-Con is an annual convention of anime and manga that is currently being held in Seattle, USA. In their panels, Dark Horse and TokyoPop revealed some foreshadowing (or not) news about the possibility of a Mangettes movie adaptation and Gouhou Drug's return, respectively.

Mangettes movie adaptation an 'exciting possibility':

gia, owner of the anime/manga blog a geek by any other name, attended Dark Horse's panel at Sakura-Con and asked their manga editor, Carl Horn, about a possible movie adaptation for CLAMP's Mangettes, and he said that is an "exciting possibility".

Dark Horse recently announced a three-year agreement with Universal Pictures to produce and distribute movie adaptations based on Dark Horse's creative properties. This agreement may or may not result in the first Hollywood adaptation based on a CLAMP work.

I would say this is very possible, specially if the story is inclined for a movie adaptation. I mean, fantasy stories are harder to adapt and may not be well-received by all kinds of audience, they are also a lot more expensive to produce due to the special effects. Certainly all stories can be made into a movie, but some stories are more inclined than others. Once we know Mangettes' story, we'll be able to tell.

I know CLAMP would love a project of this nature, and I certainly do, too.

Mangettes will start being published on Spring, 2009.

Gouhou Drug allegedly being worked on?

Here we have one more chapter, maybe two, of the "Gouhou Drug on hiatus" saga.

gia also attended TokyoPop's panel at Sakura-Con in which they said that "Legal Drug 4 is allegedly being worked on".

Sure, it was TokyoPop who once announced a release date to Gouhou Drug #4 that turned out to be fake since the manga was already on hiatus by that time. But sure, they own the rights to publish Gouhou Drug in the USA so they might have direct contact with CLAMP or their representatives. I wonder how accurate that information is.

We've seen Nekoi's desires in her private posts and in their radio show. It might happen, and soon!

Just to make some more noise, this is one of the latest entry of Nekoi's Private Board, it was posted on the 26th:

Very Busy

Tonight was a little chilly.
But it's the cold of Spring.



The title is what called my attention, the title and the fact that she used a Gouhou Drug illustration. "Oowarawa" could mean either very busy or fighting desperately against something. But since she's saying it just got a little chilly, I wouldn't say that she's fighting desperately against the cold. You should keep in mind that it has different meanings, though.

My crazy fanboy side wants to believe she's busy working on Gouhou Drug, hence the illustration. But my sane, down-to-earth and negative side says that it's just a random picture (just another one of Gouhou Drug) completely out of context, like she often does.

Make up your own interpretation =)
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