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Ohkawa changes pen name from "Ageha" back to "Nanase"

Nanase Ohkawa (yes, that's right) has posted some quite amusing news regarding her pen name in her Private Board at CLAMP-PLA.NET.

From March 1st onwards, CLAMP's leader should be addressed as her prior pen name, Nanase Ohkawa.

Post about the name

4 years have already passed by the time we changed our names, in occasion of the 15th anniversary from our debut.
These days we were wondering if people gradually got used to our new names.

I, Ohkawa, decided to go back to the "Nanase Ohkawa" pen name.

There are a few reasons behind that, which are to follow.

I think that, from March 1st on, I will gradually go back using "Nanase" as my public name.

Even if the name has changed (came back?), the content hasn't.
Please support me from now on too.

Post about the name - post-scriptum Ageha

Furthermore, I was the only one who restored my old name.








名前の話・追記 あげは


Thank you a million for the translation, Sakura-chan!

So there you go, folks. From now on, and formally from March 1st, Ageha Ohkawa no more, she's switched it back to Nanase Ohkawa again.

I personally think she should have never changed it in the first place, she had quite an amazing curriculum under the name of "Nanase Ohkawa" after all (as a producer and script-writer). I remember how odd I thought the whole name changing thing was *he actually thought they were joking*

I confess I'm happy with the change, because that curriculum will start growing again. I just think it was a bit of a waste to change it and then reverse it again, kind of confusing too. Guess she wouldn't have known if she didn't try it.

There are a few reasons behind that, which are to follow

which are to follow, which are to follow... this gives me a feeling that one of the reasons is related to that meeting she had with Madhouse. What is she planning? Humm... I hope we'll find out more about it.

Even if the name has changed (came back?), the content hasn't.

Haha, how cute xD Lie. "Ageha" never wrote a single line for X... maybe she wants to write the entire series as "Nanase", LOL! I always thought Nanase was cooler XDDDDDDDD
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