Chibi Yuuto (chibiyuuto) wrote,
Chibi Yuuto

Ageha Ohkawa has business meeting with Madhouse

Ageha Ohkawa wrote in her Private Board at CLAMP-PLA.NET that today she attended to a business meeting at Madhouse animation studio.

In her words:

Business Meeting

Just came back from Madhouse after a business meeting.

It's been a while (actually a month) since I last met with Maruyama-san.

As always, Maruyama-san needs to be healed like a Pokemon, he's working his face off (laughs)
[not really sure about this sentence].






Thank you Sakura-chan for helping me out with the translation!

By the way, the Maruyama-san she mentions is Masao Maruyama, founder and president of Madhouse studios, as well as producer of most CLAMP animes done by the studio.

I love how Ageha Ohkawa of CLAMP has business meetings with Masao Maruyama of Madhouse. And I love how one month is a significant time between their meetings xD

Anyhow, thought this would be interesting to share, no need to say I got very excited with it. CLAMP x Madhouse is love.

I would love to know the contents of that business meeting, were they planning future anime adaptations of CLAMP's works? Or was it just a routine discussion about merchandise royalties? xD
Tags:, nanase ohkawa, news
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