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CLAMP Internet Radio #34 + CLAMP at BD Festival

Guest: Inada Tetsu (Kurogane's seiyuu).

- He has a good laugher xD

- They call him "Otou-sama" (daddy xD). Apparently it was Nekoi's idea. I wonder if they'll call Namikawa-san "Okaa-sama"? xD If he ever appear at their radio show, that is.

- He cleared the tongue twister challenge just fine xD

- Inada-san wanted to be Ultraman when he was a kid, lol xD

Komugikotoride no Yonshimin #34 (right click -> Save Target As...)

Size: 52 MB.
File type: MP3 - 192 Kbps.
Running time: 37 minutes.

More of CLAMP in Angoulême International Comics Festival:

Some more great pictures of CLAMP's exposition were taken and kindly provided by sweet_maddy-san, and you can check them here and here at her LiveJournal, most of them are about the step by step from storyboard to final art displayed at the exhibition.

Thank you sweet_maddy-san! ^__^

And here are two great videos featuring more from the exposition and what's better, parts of the exclusive video showing CLAMP members working at their studio that was being screened in the event:

Les Clamp à Angouleme
Submitted by vsdpointfr

In this one, CLAMP's segment begins at 6:40:

Make sure to check them out, really good stuff!

For other videos, please check this post.
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