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I have a couple of small news to write so I'll gather them all in this post.

Ah, there's also that music band meme, which is at the end of the post xD


Tokyo Babylon has just joined the list of CLAMP works to feature on the 2nd series of CLAMP in CARDLAND! The Series will contain 11 CLAMP works and so far they are:

1 - RG Veda
2 - 20 Mensho ni Onegai!!
3 - Mahou Kishi Rayearth
4 - Card Captor Sakura
6 - Tsubasa
7 - Kobato.
8 - Tokyo Babylon
9 - ?
10 - ?
11 - ?

There's a high chance X will be carried too (given it's length) as well as Chobits, because it's in the promotional image:

The content of the new Secret Card has been revealed! It'll feature a brand new illustration of Lelouch and C.C. drawn by CLAMP! Yes, Code Geass! Surprising, isn't it?

The Secret Card appearance rate is expected to be 2 times higher in comparison to the previous series, which means finding the Secret Cards amongst booster packs shall be easier for this new series.

The 2nd Series of CLAMP in CARDLAND is due February.

Source: Surpara Shop

Lastly, Kodansha will be publishing an official guide book for CLAMP in CARDLAND. The book will be called CLAMP in CARDLAND Official Card Catalog IRREPLACEABLE BOOK, it's scheduled for February 25th and will cost 1,300 yens.

The Guide will contain full information on all 131 cards of the 1st Series and early information of the upcoming 2nd Series.

"IRREPLACEABLE BOOK", the names are the best part xD

Covers: has a bigger version from the cover of The Witch's Mansion and the Moon Fortuneteller:

Tsubaki Nekoi once again drew the cover and inside illustrations for the book.

In one of my previous posts I have mentioned that a commentary by Ageha Ohkawa would be carried in the obi of the manga Youkai no Oisha-san #4. also has that cover up in a higher resolution:

It's signed as "CLAMP", though xD

Here's the commentary at it's fullest. It basically says "Kuro-sensei, please look after our Mokona too! And also, send nurse Kotoko to our studio..." ( I guess that last part is at the other side of the obi).


Kuro is the main character of the manga, he's a doctor (animal doctor?) and Kotoko is another character, a nurse.

A quite disappointing comment, I should say xD But I was curious about it... and I wonder if this relationship between CLAMP and mangaka Yuuki Satou will bring new projects.

The Witch's Mansion and the Moon Fortuneteller and Youkai no Oisha-san #4 are out tomorrow in Japan

Music Band Meme:

I stole this wicked meme from ladydarkmoon, because it's completely RANDOM.

Go to the Wikipedia home page and click random article. That is your band's name.
Click random article again; that is your album name.
Click random article 15 more times; those are the tracks on your album.

Band: Asunción
Album: Ōme Line

1. Pakkun
2. 1987 National Invitation Tournament
3. Positive K
4. Glastonbury Extravaganza
5. Salasaca
6. Love in a Dark Time
7. Caspase
8. Črnomerec
9. Antonio Bautista
10. Femina Look of the Year
11. George Moutard Woodward
12. Genetic Information Research Institute
13. Jim Hickman
14. Germacrene-A synthase
15. Monkey and banana problem

With the exception of "Glastonbury Extravaganza" (that would make such a great song xD), I don't really find the tracks that appealing (although "Monkey and banana problem" would make a very good last track).
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