Chibi Yuuto (chibiyuuto) wrote,
Chibi Yuuto

CLAMP IN WONDERLAND 2 & CLAMP in 3-D LAND 4th Series Booklets

The official website of CLAMP IN WONDERLAND 2 has been updated. The Creative Log section is now formally open, which is a sort of a production diary.

In the latest entry there's a picture of what the special, 248-pages booklet will look like:

This is not a booklet, it's a bible! XD

The booklet will contain the original storyboards and picture continuities made by CLAMP of CLAMP IN WONDERLAND 1 and 2, an interview, among other contents.

Some more pictures of the Booklet insides:

CLAMP IN WONDERLAND 1 & 2 DVD Box hits the stores on October 26th.


• CLAMP in 3-D LAND:

ontogenesis-san got her box of CLAMP in 3-D LAND 4th Series and she was kind enough to scan the special booklet that comes with it and the package illustration drawn by CLAMP. The booklet includes a picture of Vampire Fye's Figure.

You can see the pictures in here.
Tags: clamp in 3-d land, clamp in wonderland 2, news
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