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Apparently the staff of CLAMP-NET "forgot" to fully update the website on the last time it was updated. So here are some last minute news, from CLAMP-NET.COM and other sources too.


The sales of the 5th Series of CLAMP in 3-D LAND (check the list of characters here), are scheduled for December of this year.

There are 3 series left, 15 characters remaining, here are my (very obvious) guesses:

1. Sakura (CSS)
2. Hikaru (MKR)
3. Umi (MKR)
4. Fuu (MKR)
5. Kentarou (Duklyon)
6. Nokoru (CCD)
7. Suoh (CCD)
8. Kamui (X)
9. Fuuma (X)
10. Suu (Clover)
11. Kurogane (TRC)
12. Kobato (Kobato.)
13. Shirahime (Shirahime Syo [why not? XD])
14. Kazuhiko (Clover [not sure...])
15. Oruha (Clover [even more unsure...])


Animate network of stores will be hosting a CLAMP fair that will run from October 19th to November 25th.

The purpose of the fair is to sell character goods, books and audio-visual produtcs related to CLAMP.

The fair will be held in all Animate stores scattered throughout Japan, and the customers who purchase at least 1000 yens in products will be presented with one special photo collection. There will be 8 different kinds in total and the customer cannot make the choice.


Wish has just joined the list of CLAMP works to feature in the 1st Series of CLAMP in CARDLAND. The series will share Booster packs along with Tsubasa, XXXHOLiC, X, Card Captor Sakura and CLAMP Gakuen Tanteidan. There are 2 remaining works to be announced.

In addition, Upperdeck announced that the cards feature 3 different coloring patterns:

- Brand new CLAMP illustration(s);
- CLAMP colored illustration(s);
- Colored by Upperdeck under CLAMP's supervision.

There you go, for those unsure about it, CLAMP supervised Upperdeck's coloring job. So apart from new illustrations, the cards will apparently feature old colored illustrations by CLAMP.

Lastly, the Character Card of Mokona has been announced:

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