Chibi Yuuto (chibiyuuto) wrote,
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It is with much pleasure that I announce that Bandai Visual will release the video-clip of CLOVER in DVD !

As you might well know, the video has never been released before in any format, so this will be the very first time.

Along with CLOVER, Bandai will also release a special Card Captor Sakura DVD-Box entitled Card Captor Sakura THE MOVIE COLLECTION containing both movies of the series.


Release date: May 25th, 2007.
Specifications: Color / 6 min / Dolby Digital (5.1 ch) / Single Layer Disc / 16:9 (Squeeze) / Vista Size
Price: 1,575 Yens.
Bandai Visual

Privilege: Card with the lyrics of the song played in the video.
Other specifications: Jacket illustration by CLAMP.

Card Captor Sakura THE MOVIE COLLECTION: *Limited Edition

Release date: May 25th, 2007.
Specifications: Color / 182 min / Dolby Digital (5.1 ch, Dolby Surround) / Double Layer Disc - 2 Discs / 16:9 (Squeeze) / Vista Size
Price: 15,540 Yens.
Bandai Visual

Enclosed privilege: Specially-made Booklet.
Image privilege: Theaters trailers, News flash collection, TV Spots.
Other specifications: Box Jacket illustration by CLAMP. Individual packages for the 2 discs featuring the box art.

FINALLY!! GREAT news, huh? ^__^ Now weird thoughts crossed my mind like "Does this mean CLAMP are planning on resuming CLOVER?... nah, we thought the same for X when they released Infinity Artbook... and here we are. They just want to release it it's own sake, after all they are releasing a special CCS box too... think they just got excited over CiW2... we'll see..."

No need to say that I was more than happy to know that CLAMP will be drawing the jacket illustrations, I'm assuming they are going to be brand-new ones, which means new CLOVER and CCS art ! ^__^

We're currently on such a good moment, lately, with all these surprising announcements ^^

A big, HUGE thanks to Tsuka for letting me know about this very exciting news !! He's the one who provided that ONE OF A KIND online version of the CLOVER video in the first place ^__^
Tags: card captor sakura, clover, news
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