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Tsubasa WoRLD CHRoNiCLE - Chapitre 1 (Updated)

Chinese scanlations available here!

English translations (from the Chinese scanlations).

- It's interesting how this hasn't started as the usual "new" series atmosphere. The beginning is a lot less dramatic than the beginning of the original Tsubasa (Reservoir). This is probably to show that a) this is a direct continuation and b) there is no time for fooling around, let's get down to what really matters.
- Just a color spread instead of 3 color pages. It must be a policy of Shonen Magazine SPECIAL. I guess it's fine since we'll probably get a new color illustration every month.
- Kurogane's arm now has a skin! Easier to draw ;)
- Miyuki-chan already made an appearance!
- Nice to see Fuuma and Seishirou already on Chapter 1. It goes to show that CLAMP will address back to those issues (I hope so).
- GATE 7 OMG FREAKING GATE SEVEN. At first I thought they were the same ones from GATE 7 (silly me) and I was already making conspiracy theories ("THAT'S why they put GATE 7 on hiatus! They were waiting for this link!") but then I remembered "Wait a minute... this is Tsubasa...". I have to put my mind back into the "Tsubasa mode" I was so conveniently off from the last couple of years.
- Miyuki-chan, Seishirou and Fuuma, GATE 7 characters. This is CLAMP saying: we are not fucking around.
- Need translations....
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