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Tsubasa WoRLD CHRoNiCLE - Chapitre 1 (Updated)

Chinese scanlations available here!

English translations (from the Chinese scanlations).

- It's interesting how this hasn't started as the usual "new" series atmosphere. The beginning is a lot less dramatic than the beginning of the original Tsubasa (Reservoir). This is probably to show that a) this is a direct continuation and b) there is no time for fooling around, let's get down to what really matters.
- Just a color spread instead of 3 color pages. It must be a policy of Shonen Magazine SPECIAL. I guess it's fine since we'll probably get a new color illustration every month.
- Kurogane's arm now has a skin! Easier to draw ;)
- Miyuki-chan already made an appearance!
- Nice to see Fuuma and Seishirou already on Chapter 1. It goes to show that CLAMP will address back to those issues (I hope so).
- GATE 7 OMG FREAKING GATE SEVEN. At first I thought they were the same ones from GATE 7 (silly me) and I was already making conspiracy theories ("THAT'S why they put GATE 7 on hiatus! They were waiting for this link!") but then I remembered "Wait a minute... this is Tsubasa...". I have to put my mind back into the "Tsubasa mode" I was so conveniently off from the last couple of years.
- Miyuki-chan, Seishirou and Fuuma, GATE 7 characters. This is CLAMP saying: we are not fucking around.
- Need translations....
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You, making a post about a Tsubasa chapitre? Now THAT feels like 2006~2007ish. XD
I know, right? XD
Ahahaha~ the discussion will turn lively again. Gosh, I missed this for years!
I've missed it too!

It's good to be back.

It'll be easier this time around since it'll be monthly instead of weekly.
And here we go again. It's hard to believe it's been so long! I've missed the discussions too, the crazy theories, the reactions, the jokes... nothing was ever like that. Good times.
I've even been distant from CLAMP (somewhat) and Livejournal (completely) since then, but I couldn't help it when I saw this on twitter, I had to login and comment. But...WHY, why chinese? Why not (at least) RAW japanese? So unfair!
I have to say, I had mixed feelings about Tsubasa coming back, but now I just feel really excited about this. Damn.
I was excited when I saw the spread showing the new country from above -- it reminded me of why I like Tsubasa: because of its fantasy factor!

I will update this post once japanese raws and translations are out ;) keep checking back!
I will! Hell, I may even start using livejournal for blogging again. haha
Thanks for this.
It's so nostalgic to be reading Tsubasa chapters again and to be reading your commentary! XD good to be back! I missed this for the longest time.
Thank you for the heads up! (And oh gosh, all of us who have disappeared from LJ...)

Looks like something's wrong with Kurogane's arm again and they are waiting for one of the brothers to bring him a new one before they move onto a new world. So yes, we will definitely see some Fuuma/Seishirou soon!


August 20 2014, 00:57:21 UTC 2 years ago Edited:  August 21 2014, 21:00:32 UTC

Wow... this is nostalgic.

I love GATE 7 characters appearing, but I'm kinda sad that they're continuing the series when xxxHOLIC Rei, Drug & Drop, and GATE 7 on hiatus.

(Wonder if we'll see some Kobato characters though...)
Definitely need translations, but I actually prefer getting to see Chinese RAWs first. It draws out the excitement of seeing new chapters for me.

I like to look at the images and try to imagine what's going on. Then when the Japanese RAWs come out, I can make out a bit more of the context (and use Google translator if I'm really desperate, lol).

Finally, when the chapter's been scanlated, I get to take in the actual story...and of course laugh at myself for stuff I'd guessed wrong based on the pics.


August 20 2014, 07:20:52 UTC 2 years ago

I swore I would not read anything after how Tsubasa originally ended. I confess I was absolutely furious. But then Syaoran...Fai... and Kurogane! Oh no. I love those guys so much I just had to click on your link. (Sorry, no love for the way Sakura was portrayed in the series; mostly irritating, alas. CCS Sakura forever!)

Thank you for generously and quickly sharing this with us. And I agree with your comments; my great hope is that CLAMP will fix the stuff they have left hanging. Do you think this will be pure shounen then, with just the boys? Or, will CLAMP complicate things with new love interests perhaps for Kurogane and Fai--or will the soft KuroFai of the original series be clearly delineated here? So much potential, and I really pray CLAMP does not crap on my hopes and expectations this time. I feel I grew up with this series, and I will never lose my love for it (and CCS, but that's another story ^_^)

Again, thank you so much for this. Stay awesome :)

Ziya (I've forgotten my LJ password completely over the years)


August 20 2014, 07:54:17 UTC 2 years ago Edited:  August 20 2014, 07:57:41 UTC

Thanks for sharing the scans of this chapter!! :D

I pre-ordered it but won't received until next week (it was only sent today from Japan and will need more or less a week to get to me...), if by then there are still no japanese scans circulating around, I will take care of it and scan the chapter ;)

About the chapter itself, well, I can't say anything about the content bcs I can't read chinese hahaha~ But I felt just genuinely happy to see the Syaoran//Fye/Kurogane trio! Nyyyyaaaaahhh!!!!! XD XD None of their on-going mangas made me feel that way recently, so excited!

Slow start with long conversation between Syaoran Watanuki, but then, it was needed for both series to get linked and for us to understand what was going on between the 2...
And...GATE7??!!!!!! @_@ Not too sure where Clamp are going with that...
But how convenient of them: 3 *supposedly* separate series on going (TWC, Gate7 and xxxholic) and all 3 of them happening in one! How awesome is that! We can't even complain that Gate7 and Holic are on hold now! ^^; That said, as you commented, the gang from Gate7 might just look the same but be completely different people...

About the length of this new series, I can't tell from this chapter what is happening or where are we going, but I don't think they would have bothered linking 2 other series (in the case of xxxholic, Clamp made it literally feel like all 3 volumes of holic were all done to introduce the new Tsubasa arc...) and even make a whole new title to this series it if it was going to be too short...I'm not expecting 27 volumes though, not happening ever hahahaha~


August 20 2014, 18:12:48 UTC 2 years ago Edited:  August 20 2014, 18:15:59 UTC

Meh. I dislike Tsubasa RC with its massive plot hole its based upon, numerous other plot holes, messy writing... And Fai is outrageously annoying - never liked him. I'd MUCH rather CLAMP finish X...But the only reason I'm reading this is to see any mention of the Vampire Twins and their respective hunters. Come on CLAMP, if you can't finish X, at least let Seishirou and Subaru have a moment considering we all know what happened to them in X >_>

Why on earth can't CLAMP finish series BEFORE starting new ones? X, Gate 7, Drug and Drop...etc. etc.

They're really milking TRC for all its worth now.
I started with my conspiracy theories about Gate 7 too! But even if I know that this is Tsubasa, I can't avoid thinking that this Hana has to do something with the character we saw inside Hana's dreams in Gate 7; you know, the other Hana that CLAMP never explained who is... ¬¬ Anyway, we will see...

Hahaha this post makes me remember old times.
I'm divided about this. One the one hand, I didn't really care for Tsubasa, or this version of Sakura and Syaoran, and I really want them to end Drug and Drop, so to that end I can care less about this new series/spin-off.
On the other hand, I did like Kurogane and Fai, so I would like to see more of them, even though Tsubasa has always been about Sakura/Syaoran, so I doubt they'll be getting too much screen time.

Someone mentioned if this might be a pure shonen with just the boys, or if they might bring in some new potential love interests for them (mainly Kurogane and/or Fai), but I highly doubt they would. Regardless of how CLAMP wanted the readers to see Kuro/Fai, I think their bond is too strong for CLAMP to now bring in some random girls for them to show interest in. I seriously thought that Kurogane liked Princess Tomoyo, and actually besides Fai, I think she's the only other character that makes sense for him if CLAMP were to decide that they need some romance for him.
It's great to be able to read your post again after such a long time :)
Now I have something to look foward again, so exciting!
Och, I've missed this! It is so great to be back here on this particular LJ and read all of those wonderful comments! I feel like coming back home! :)

As for the chapter itself I also wonder how CLAMP is going to handle boys only team. Are they striving for pure shounen? It feels weird without Sakura, it seems for me that they got rid of her quite cruely... But I look forward to see further development of Kurogane and Fai relationship!

Och, it so good to be back! See you around for the next chapters! <3
Thanks for sharing (even though I already commented on Facebook page).
*waves* So here we are again =)

I've just read the tranalation and now I'm even more excited, for the images on tuesday (been away since then damnit) I could not guess that they were actually waiting for Fuuma and/or Sei-chan, so this is starting EPIC already.

Btw, is there any trick to download the images from that chinese forum? (this also brought memories to me, it was fun when we hacked certain chinese forum with kairak for the spoilers XDDD )