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XXXHOLiC TV Drama news (Updated)

The official website for the XXXHOLiC TV Drama was updated with more information and additional cast members.

The site's background illustration now shows a first look at the inside of Yuuko's shop (it looks great!). You can check out the image here.

Actors Naoto Takenaka and Yumi Adachi. Yumi Adachi will play the role of Spider Lady (Jorogumo), and although I don't have official information on Naoto Takenaka, I am inclined to believe he will play Haruka Doumeki.

Personally, I'm happy about Naoto Takenaka, I really liked his work in Nodame Cantabile. Yumi Adachi seems like a perfect choice for Spider Lady as well. So it looks like the show in a total of 8 episodes will go as far into the story as the Spider Lady arc, which is nice!

There are some changes in the staff list, too. Before, Jun Tsugita and Keisuke Toyoshima were both listed as directors and scriptwriters. Now, Jun Tsugita is listed as scriptwriter alone and Keisuke Toyoshima as the only director.

Last but not least, the show's start date has been announced: February 24, a Sunday.

Update: Check out the first official promotional image of the cast!

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